Initial report of the genitourinary and gastrointestinal toxicity of post-prostatectomy proton therapy for prostate cancer patients undergoing adjuvant or salvage radiotherapy

To report acute and late genitourinary (GU) and gastrointestinal (GI) toxicities associated with post-prostatectomy proton therapy (PT).

The first 100 consecutive patients from 2010 to 2016 were retrospectively assessed. Baseline characteristics, prospectively graded CTCAE v4.0 toxicities, and patient-reported outcomes were reported. Late outcomes were reported for 79 patients with 3 months minimum follow up. Toxicity-free survival Kaplan-Meier curves were estimated. Logistic regression assessed associations between toxicities and clinical and treatment characteristics (p?

Median age, months after surgery, and months of follow-up were respectively 64 years (range 42-77), 25 (5-216), and 25 (0-47). PT received was 70.2?Gy (RBE) (89%), salvage (93%), prostate bed only (80%), pencil beam scanning (86%), with IMRT (31%), and with androgen deprivation (34%). Acute and late maximum toxicities, respectively were: GU grade 0 (14%; 18%), 1 (71%; 62%), 2 (15%; 20%), ?3 (0), and GI: grade 0 (66%; 73%), 1 (34%; 27%), ?2 (0). Toxicity-free survival at 24 months was GU grade 2 (83%) and GI grade 1 (74%). Mean (±std dev) baseline International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), International Index of Erectile Function, and Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite bowel function and bother were 6.6?±?6.1, 10.5?±?7.3, 90.9?±?10.8, 93.3?±?11.2, respectively, and largely unchanged at 2 years: 6.3?±?3.6, 11.1?±?6.3, 92.8?±?5.8, and 90.9?±?10.3. On multivariate analysis, baseline IPSS (p?=?.009) associated with GU grade 2 acute toxicity. Bladderless-CTV median dose, V30, and V40 associated with GU grade 2 acute toxicity and maximum dose with late (Ps <0.05). For GI, on multivariate analysis, baseline bowel function (p?=?.033) associated with acute grade 1 toxicity. Rectal minimum and median dose, V10, and V20, and anterior rectal wall median dose and V10 through V65 associated with acute grade 1 GI toxicity (Ps?

Post-prostatectomy PT for prostate cancer is feasible with a favorable GU and GI toxicity profile acutely and through early follow up.


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