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The Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center is Now Open

The Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center is now open and taking referrals for adult and pediatric cancer patients. The center offers the most advanced delivery of proton therapy available, led by Johns Hopkins radiation oncology experts.  

Proton therapy has limited exit dose, which reduces radiation toxicity to nearby tissues and organs. Pencil-beam proton therapy technology, CT-guided treatment and biomatrix MRI allows us to further limit the dose of radiation that the patient receives and confine that dose to the tumor. 

The multidisciplinary team works with the referring physician and other oncologists to ensure a collaborative care model. Referring physicians are consulted on treatment options, and kept up to date during treatment, to ensure a seamless return of patient care after treatment.

In collaboration with Children’s National Hospital, the dedicated pediatric proton team includes pediatric radiation oncologists, pediatric nurse practitioners, nurse navigators and nurses, and a child life specialist.  

Current research indicates that proton is recommended for: 

  •               Most children’s cancers 
  •               Cancer in the brain or on or near the spinal cord
  •               Cancers in the chest or abdominal cavity, including esophageal, pancreatic, liver and lung
  •               Eye cancer
  •               Some head and neck cancers
  •               Gynecological cancers
  •               Sarcomas

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