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Update: CT Oral Contrast

Effective Sept. 4, Sibley Imaging Service has been using Omnipaque 240 as their oral contrast for CT scans. There is a one-hour transit time with Omnipaque. Patients should be scanned one hour after drinking the first container of contrast.

CT Oral Contrast:
One 50ml bottle of Omnipaque 240 will be mixed with two 16 oz. of water in two containers (this contrast is virtually tasteless but added flavors are available upon patient request).
1. Pour 25ml of Omnipaque into each container. Stir well.
2. The patient will drink one 16 oz. of contrast mixture one hour before the CT scan.
3. The patient will drink the second 16 oz. of contrast mixture just before going to CT-stir well. 

Barium will be on hand for instances when is the physician or patient preference. Please call Sibley CT at 202-537-4794 with any questions.

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