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Weekly Progress Notes June 26


Note: Due to the Independence Day holiday, Progress Notes will not be published next week. We will return on July 10. We would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe July 4th.


Reminder from the Peri-OP CUSP Team

The Peri-Op CUSP team recently launched a trail initiative to enhance the safety and accountability of patient transitions from Pre-Op to the OR. In an effort to reduce the incidence of patients coming to the OR with unsigned consents, critical equipment missing, or the OR not being ready, the use of a Pre-Op to OR passport has been initiated. This bright green paper is on the front of patient charts. Each team member should sign the green pass once he or she has completed the assigned set of tasks. This passport serves as a visual checklist as to which team members have seen the patient and completed essential tasks. The circulator for each case retains the pass and turns it in at the end of a case.

Currently, only about 65% of passports are turned in, and only 25% are completely filled out. As leaders of our surgical teams, your participation is particularly important. Passports on which the surgeon has signed off are much more likely to be completed by the rest of the team. Your signature signals to the team the importance of taking the time to have everything ready for our patients before they reach the OR. Please help us in our continued efforts with this initiative.

If you have any questions about the project or suggestions for improving the safety of patient transitions to the OR, please feel free to contact Sandra AraujoEmily Danforth or any other Peri-Op CUSP team member.


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Upcoming JHM CME Activities

The Johns Hopkins CloudCME web portal allows providers to register for upcoming courses, review calendars and identify activities that will help improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and clinical outcomes for patients. Visit the site learn more about upcoming opportunities. Click here to subscribe to the CME email list.



Reminder: Prohibited Turns on Southwick Street

Please remember that there are restrictions for employees when using Southwick Street to access the hospital campus:

  • Left-hand turns from Suburban’s garage access road onto Southwick Street are prohibited
  • Right-hand turns onto Suburban’s garage access road from Southwick Street are prohibited

Thank you for your cooperation with Montgomery County restrictions placed on Suburban Hospital’s campus. There are no exceptions, including living in the neighborhood. Cameras are in place to document prohibited turns. Download this handout for more information.



Click here for the June 2019 calendar. 



Johns Hopkins Medicine Continuing Medical Education Series

June 27: Surgical Grand Rounds “State of the Department Address”—to access click here. Text CME Code 16835 to 443-541-5052 fifteen minutes prior to start.

Note: There are no Medical Grand Rounds scheduled until Sept. 13, 2019.




Education, Intelligence Won’t Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

A team led by Johns Hopkins researchers has identified two protein biomarkers in urine that one day may be used to better diagnose acute interstitial nephritis, an underdiagnosed – but treatable – kidney disorder.


Urine Test May Identify Kidney Disorder

Exercising your brain might help keep cognitive function, but it won’t ward off the inevitable decline of Alzheimer’s disease. A new study shows that those with higher intelligence and education may have more of a “head start” before Alzheimer’s symptoms begin to interfere with their daily lives.




Green2 Initiative

Suburban recently launched the “Green 2” initiative as part of the ongoing focus on and commitment to workplace safety and security. This initiative includes two objects to identify to staff that a patient has been physically violent or aggressive during his or her stay: a green patient wristband with the number 2 and a green magnet placed on the door to the patient’s room with the number 2. Under no circumstances should any employee enter this room or approach the patient alone. If the patient continues to be aggressive, please contact Security.


Read the most recent Safety, Security and Workplace Violence Update from Joe Linstrom to learn about other steps that Suburban’s Executive Team is taking to ensure the safety of our physicians, employees, and volunteers.


Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons

For a list of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons practicing at Suburban Hospital, click here.



Epic Downtime Procedures

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