From MANAbodies to Therapies: Structural Biology of Manabodies Specific to HLA-restricted Epitopes Encoded by Somatically Mutated Genes

Part of the Oncology Grand Rounds Series - Sandra Beatriz Gabelli, PhD, identifies the structural basis of recognition of antibodies towards MHC-I neoantigen complexes.  She also describes the relationship between the kinetics of binding of antibodies and their antigen (MHC-I+neoantigen). Dr. Gabelli also evaluates the biophysical characterization techniques for antibody selection. 

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Sandra Gabelli, PhD

Sandra Gabelli, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Sandra Gabelli is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry and Oncology departments. She studies the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and oncogenic activation in the PI3K/mTOR pathways. ...

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